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Before going to the expense of having a plumber fix your problem,

see if our easy tips provide a solution

3 Easy Steps to a Clear Drain


Most bathroom drain blockages are caused when hair, dirt, and skin flakes bind to soap debris inside the drain pipe. Kitchen sinks become clogged when sticky food residue, soap scum, and cooking grease gunk up the inside of your pipes. The best way to prevent kitchen sink clogs is to never pour grease or oil down the drain.

What to do if you discover a clogged drain

Fortunately, bathroom sink clogs are usually located just a few inches from the drain. Remove and clean the drain stopper. Then, insert a plastic sink hair snare. Pull it back out to see all the gunk you’ve removed.
To unclog a kitchen sink, start by loosening up the clog with boiling water. Use a sink plunger to break up the clog and send it down the pipe. If your kitchen or bathroom sink is still not draining after these efforts, you need a plumber’s help.







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