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How to avoid blocked drains in the home.

A blocked drain is a common problem that no homeowner wants to face. It is also one that is easily avoided.

You know the story.. Prevention is better than Cure.

So we are going to provide you with some preventative tips as well as some easy cures.

A blocked drain can run the gamut from a sluggish shower drain to a totally blocked up kitchen sink and more. Not surprisingly, we get calls about blocked drains on the Coffs Coast nearly every day. In addition to totally upsetting your day, a blockage can cause unpleasant odors, leaks and even flooding. Needless to say this is one problem you do need to take action on ..and fast.

Fortunately, there are several preventative measures to avoid blocked drains, and preventing blockages is easier than trying to fix them. Here are just a few tips to help you prevent blocked drains in your home.

  • Never pour grease down the drain. Grease is one of the primary causes for blockages in kitchen sinks. Avoid pouring it down your drain, and you’ll likely avoid this common headache.

  • Never flush anything down your toilet other than bodily waste and toilet paper. Personal wipes, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, paper towels and other non flush-able items belong in the trash can. Including wipes which state "flush-able" on the pack!

  • Use drain strainers in the kitchen and laundry sinks and if you have excessive pet hair issues or blown in debris, put a mesh shield over bathroom sink drains in order to protect them as well. The mesh screen/ strainer will trap hair, food particles and other debris before it can cause a clog. You would not believe the number of problems caused by pet hair that you didn't even know was a problem! Empty the screens regularly to keep the gunk out of your drains.

  • Use your garbage disposal appropriately. There are certain foods that should never go in your garbage disposal. Avoid potato and banana peels, fats, oils, pasta, rice, bones, coffee grounds and stringy vegetables like celery as they can cause blockages.

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